Join us as we embark on a Sacred Journey into a world full of enchantment and ancient wisdom. We will be travelling light so leave the heaviness of everyday life behind and pack a smile, an open mind, and most importantly, an open heart.

There will be no need to think, plan, or make any lists this weekend as everything has been done for you already. It’s going to be about simplicity and returning to the basics in order to make room for valuable knowledge and friendships. All you have to do is show up, and keep showing up everyday!

With daily yoga and meditation, local & organic meals, and workshops that will heighten your innate wisdom and creativity, you will leave this experience with newfound awakening. You will find balance again using techniques and explorations that will strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

One of the highlights of this journey is a very special day guided by Traditional Elders, Spiritual and Shamanic Healers. Through a series of ancient teachings, ancestral wisdom, guided meditations, followed by a ceremonial drumming circle, you will be taken through an experience that will help you to transcend old belief patterns and connect with your own divinity.

If any of this resonates with you, you are meant to join us so we can create some magic together!

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” – Anthony Robbins


  • 4-Day/3-Night Wilderness Cabin Stay
  • 3 Local and Organic meals & snacks per day
  • Daily Yoga & Tea Meditations
  • Shamanic Drum Journeying
  • Smudging Ceremony
  • First Nations ‘Art of Healing’
  • Storytelling and Song Sharing
  • “Look & Feel Your Best” Daily Routine Workshop
  • Laughter Yoga Workshop
  • Transformational Clay Exercise
  • Awakening your Intuition Workshop
  • Nature Hike
  • Beach Adventure
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Evening Bon Fires
  • All Natural & Holistic Gift Bags


Cabins are nestled in the woods surrounding the retreat centre and can accommodate up to 4 people. Don’t be surprised to see a deer walk by your window, or rabbits playing tag.

When retreating, simplifying is important. The cabins are intentionally simple, yet very cozy. Beds are comfy and duvets are snuggly. Each has lots of natural light, electricity and are heated for the cooler weather. They are nestled into the lush beauty and quiet of natural surroundings, allowing you to get out of the mindset of your everyday life and completely relax, reflect and recover.

Washroom facilities are located in the main retreat centre, a 15 – 60 second walk from each cabin.

Packing List

  • Yoga and outdoor clothes to play in
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Swim Suit
  • Towels (beach & shower)
  • Running/Hiking Shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Slippers (no outer footwear in the centre, we will provide slippers if needed)
  • All bedding is provided (feel free to bring extra sheets or pillows for comfort)
  • Hand Drum/Rattle for Drum Circle (optional)
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Travel Mug
  • Natural Bug Spray
  • Flashlight
  • Journal
  • Crystals, feathers or anything magical you want to bring on this journey
  • Positive attitude and a smile! 🙂
Irina & Erica


Irina Andreaa

Irina Andreea is a certified yoga teacher and trainer with a background in holistic health and nutrition. Her passion is helping others realize their full potential by bringing balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

In a world of quick fixes, misinformation and elevated stress levels, it’s more important than ever to be guided in the right direction by those who genuinely care for your wellbeing. This is what drives Irina to continuously inspire others to live authentically through natural and sustainable practices.

Through her own health journey and after years of working in the health & fitness industry, she found that experiences which feed the soul are key to longterm positive changes. Experiences shared with like-minded people that expand cultural horizons, improve mental and physical health and reconnect us with Mother Nature.

Erica Grenci

Erica Grenci is currently finishing her studies in Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto with advanced certification in Homeopathy and Rejuvenative Acupuncture, and a former background in Psychology. She is also known as a Holistic Health Expert, Reiki Master, and Retreat Leader, in which it’s her passion to teach about sustainable living, eco-beauty, and natural wellness.

She founded her own holistic lifestyle blog, in 2010 and it has been her creative platform in sharing inspiration and personal growth throughout the years. It is her vision to be part of a world that unites with each other through the most universal language, love.

Workshop Hosts

Arrole Lawrence

ARROLE LAWRENCE – Traditional Aboriginal Teacher from Canada

Arrole Lawrence is a Saulteaux healer and band member of the Keeseekoowenin First Nation located in Elphinstone, Manitoba. For the past 12 years, Arrole has worked exclusively as a First Nations healer and teacher. He travels extensively to aboriginal community health centres throughout South Central Ontario. He currently resides in Orillia, Ontario. As an indigenous healer, Arrole helps individuals to quickly resolve, crippling physical ailments, patterns of depression, grief and trauma. Arrole’s knowledge of First Nations methods of accessing DNA blueprints and soul memory have lead to accelerated and long term healing for clients.

Mariya Garnet

MARIYA GARNET – Shamanic Healer

Mariya Garnet is a shamanic healer, musician and a Director and Co-Founder of Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural preservation in the Peruvian Amazon (

Mariya was born in Russia and in the year 2000 she immigrated to Canada with her family. In 2008 Mariya moved to South America, first Brazil and then Peru. Right now she spends her time between Canada and Peru.

Mariya’s work on the path of Plant Spirit Shamanism began in 2007 and she started her apprenticeship with Amazonian shamans in 2009. Mariya’s ongoing shamanic studies involve undergoing strict diets (fastings) with shamanic plants in isolation in the rainforest, preparing the medicines and holding healing ceremonies. Mariya is also connected to her native roots of Siberian shamanism and with her healing work bridges such far corners of the world as Siberia and Amazon.

Through the work of her organization, Canto Luz, Mariya also contributes to the sustainability of the rainforest and survival of the people populating it.

You can hear some of Mariya’s singing here:

Edane Padme

EDANE PADME – Mindfulness Instructor

To understand the subtleties of life Edane delved into the studies of mythology, psychology, philosophy, astrology and fairytales. In her studies of traditional movements, Edane has learned that movement is the language of freedom. Her wish is to share her practice of Restorative Therapy, QiGong, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Tea Ceremony with others.

Edane’s greatest passion is helping others to feel comfortable in their bodies, in their own skin. We are all made different, but in the core of our being, we are infinitely the same. When Edane isn’t picking flowers from Asteroid B612, she likes to drink tea, prepare herbal potions for her natural skin care line, Bohemia Babe. She is also the founder and facilitator of Padme Kids Yoga.

Her current projects include New & Full Moon Gatherings and blending herbs & potions for her all natural skincare line, ‘Bohemia Babe’.

Christine Miokovic

CHRISTINE MIOKOVIC – Spiritual Teacher

Christine Miokovic earned a degree in Psychology at York University knowing that her purpose in life was to provide support to those searching for a deeper meaning to understand their own lives. She has been healing and guiding clients since graduating from the Transformational Arts College in 2000. In the last sixteen years she has studied with Doreen Virtue, Dr. Brian Weiss, Sonia Choquette, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dora Miceli, Denise Linn and Chris Cuciurean to name a few.

Christine has a private practice in Toronto where she offers Angel Guidance & Healing and Rainbow Energy Healing sessions. Over the last 5 years she has taught classes on the chakra system, on building your intuition, on building a relationship with the archangels and most recently began teaching spiritual mentorship courses.


RENATA AMAEV – Spiritual Healer

Renata Amaev is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, with training in the therapeutic arts. She will take you on a spiritual journey to self-awareness, mindfulness, creativity, and compassion. Learn how to tap into your personal current of energy, realizing that this energy is the flow of life itself.

Renata will guide you to transform this energy into the strength to express yourself and discover your true nature in all its wondrous beauty. Learn to listen to the voice of your heart, calling you to live with your deepest purpose and manifest your best and bravest dreams. In a safe and healing space, Renata will help you to open your heart and receive the vital energy of the universe. Together with Renata, you will nurture your ability to stay steady, focused, and heart-centered…in the midst of the chaos of our world today.

Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre
5720 Forgets Road
Wyebridge, ON
L0K 2E0

Toll Free: 1.866.609.1793
Local: 705.528.1793

Workshop Details

THE ART OF HEALING led by Arrole Lawrence


  1. Connecting to the higher self and accessing your own ancient wisdom. What is spirit, soul and the higher mind. The lecture discusses how to connect and develop a relationship to the higher self.
  2. Accessing ancestor, and past life experiences. This lecture focuses on how to access wisdom and knowledge from your past life experiences, as well as those of your ancestors. Many previous life experiences such as; art, music, academia, sports, etc., can be brought forward into your current life, without having to go through extensive training all over again. Some will discover skills they never knew they had. Others will bring forward past knowledge to assist them with their current gifts.
  3. Clearing the deep dreaming self or the unconscious mind. Most people are unaware that they are storing patterns of belief, thoughts and emotions within the unconscious self that are actually controlling their lives. When you store energy, you will play it out over and over until the energy is brought into your awareness and resolved. The lecture ends with a process to clear these patterns.
  4. Connecting dormant body blueprints as a means to gain control over cellular communication, anti aging and extension of life. This lecture teaches the individual how to exercise their free will right to extend their lives, age backwards, and remain timeless while in the physical body.
  5. Manifestation of a desire from thought into experience or form. This lecture teaches how to use the dreaming mind to create the physical experiences you would like to experience in your life regardless of what your family, community, society or culture dictates.

DRUM CIRCLE led by Mariya Garnet

The Drum Circle with Mariya Garnet will be a combination of ceremonial story telling, singing and song sharing. After smudging and introductions, Mariya will share the stories of some of her own drums (both North American hand drums and a Siberian shaman drum) and talk of significance of the drum medicine in Russian and universal culture.

The participants will be invited to learn several songs together, some of which have been channelled personally by Mariya. We will also leave room for some magic and collective inspiration, which might lead us to more improvisations and song sharing.

Please bring a hand drum, a rattle, any drum song that you may know and want to share in the circle, but most importantly bring a smile and open heart.


Tea Ceremony is about creating space and time to connect with each other, with Self, and with Nature.  Tea Meditation is a simple and beautiful way to engage the present moment through relaxation, while sipping delicious teas prepared with love and reverence. Preparing tea is an art and meditation on its own, teaching us patience, gratitude and appreciation.  Sitting and sipping tea lightens the heart, rests the mind, nourishes the body and calms the spirit.

“Tea and Zen are one taste” ~ Lu Yu


In this workshop you will learn some valuable insights to the wisdom that you already carry within yourself.  As human beings you are constantly searching outside of yourself to request guidance as to what your next steps should be. The truth lies in the knowing that you are already filled with all the wisdom that you need on this journey of life.  In this workshop we will explore the powerful ways that your energy works for you. Intuition stems from an open Third-Eye Chakra and an open Solar Plexus Chakra.  We will learn how to open our intuition, empower ourselves and connect with the gifts that make us unique. You will leave the workshop having experienced the greatness of who you truly are and the importance of the role you play in affecting change in your world.


Learn tools which can be implemented immediately in order to help optimize your health and well-being. Everything from getting the most out of your morning routine, the “do’s and don’ts” of cooking, and healthy substitutions for all our guilty pleasures. These holistic methods can be easily transitioned into your life for higher vitality, and leave you glowing and invigorated!


In this workshop, you will experience hands on how transformation takes place using the method of clay! This exercise is designed to help you to release any emotional blockages, open your heart to the vital energy of the universe, and fuel you toward creative passion and healing.

One of the highlights of this journey is a very special day guided by Traditional Elders, Spiritual and Shamanic Healers. Through a series of ancient teachings, ancestral wisdom, guided meditations, followed by a ceremonial drumming circle, you will be taken through an experience that will help you to transcend old belief patterns and connect with your own divinity.

Sacred Retreat
Handstand Help
The Girls Minus Lucy
Partner Bridge


5 based on 2 reviews
December 27, 2016

Each and every moment and experience was precisely what I needed while on this trip.
This beautiful space was afforded simply because of the beautiful environment that Erica and Irina created for every person whom attended. They recognize the need to allow the experience to develop and to trust the results. The framework they work so hard to build is remarkable and perfect for allowing the freedom of a personalized experience.
Thank you Holistic Edventures for this sacred experience.

December 27, 2016

Holistic EDventures retreats are life changing in the best way possible. I went on their Ontario Sacred Journey retreat a few weeks ago and it was one of my favourite weekends in life. It had everything from workshops on intuition and mindset to wildlife canoeing adventures to amazing healthy food to yoga. The organizer’s are incredible and clearly put their heart and souls into creating these special retreats for people. I intend to go to every retreat I can from Holistic Edventures because they truly are magical. If you’re looking for an incredible experience, to make life long connections, see new perspectives, learn a ton and have a load of fun, this is the company to go with!

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